Law is an important component of a government which deals with legal rules and obligation which very country seeks stability and order. In most countries, the government ensures justice in society to make sure every citizen is equal under the rule of law. To ensure this law are not violated the society courts are established which are operated by chosen officials. A country without an effective court system, the government may not be able to enforce laws.

Role of Law

A country which operates under the rule of law is governed by regulations that give clear information about the relationship between the citizens, government bodies and groups. Regulation is not set on any basis favouritism of certain individuals or groups they ensure equality to each and every person. In United States laws are made and enforced through the court action uniformly.

In case of a law needed to be changed a legal procedure is always followed. They can only be changed in an established system of new legislation or through the state or federal constitutional amendments. Failure to follow any of the above procedures it’s impossible to change the law people are using and the way the government relates to citizens.

Rule of law ensures a balance of power to all government branches and inhibit specific government branches from gaining too much constitutional power than others. It also applies checks to all government branches hence ensuring equality.

Types of law

In the United States, different parts of the law are practised and enforced by the actions of states courts and federal courts.

The most common type of law and most practised in the United States is the constitutional law. The federal c and state government’s actions are reviewed in a law court with references to the United States Constitution. The laws written United States Constitution is agreed to be the supreme law of the land. The magistrates and dodges are bound to the constitution hence practised by all state and federal government in general.

Other laws include common law which voles customary practices created by past court decisions which are applied ton similar case if they arise. Usually applied to family disputes.
Administrative law this governs disputes that arise involving administrative agencies and the executive branch to monitor their procedures whether they are legal.

Statue law this is the most prevalent law in unites states. It is enacted at the local level, state or federal level, the law pertains civil law or criminal law. Criminal law deals with public order and public law; You may remember this from your university program. If you need – these guys can make perfect law essays. It covers disputes like violence and crime. Civil law involves governs citizen relation between themselves.

Federal courts

It is based in three courts divided according to their power they are district courts, 50 states court and depend on territories. These courts hear and solve the case that are given mandates by the constitution and federal law. Some of the cases the hearing include crimes committed that break the federal law and disputes among citizens of different states.

State and Local Courts

This is courts which deal with most cases in the United States, federal courts only deal with less than 5 % of cases. Courts at the state level are assigned police power to control the safety of citizens, morals, and health. They have jurisdiction over minor offences and local ordinances.